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Indeed, as what the developer has envisioned of building “better homes, better lives,” SUNDANCE RESIDENCES will bring out the best in you. With topnotch location, superb facilities and a nurturing community – how can you go wrong with this community?

As we go through our own day-to-day lives, we usually meet trials and challenges along the way but we need not consider them as roadblocks to moving on. Instead, we overcome all these adversities and obstacles with the inner strength, determination and passion to succeed at all costs. We remain to be victorious no matter what.

Just like what this property is all about - a home where   you build up   strong ties and bonds with people who matter to you, your family. People who you can count on for support, caring and most of all, love. People that you know will be there with you through thick and thin.

As you toil hard for your dear ones, a sanctuary where you can come home to day in and out is such a rewarding experience. Coming home to a paradise like SUNDANCE RESIDENCES is that prize you’d reap for all that you’ve worked hard for.

Nothing else will matter once you step in the coziness and warm ambiance of your own home shared with people closest to your heart. You work, play and live together in such a perfect abode. Heartwarming memories to last a lifetime, taking into play those experiences and milestones that are too good to forget.

As this property speaks of understated elegance, luxury and  attention to details and quality at the highest levels  - you will be happy to live in it much as it is visually pleasing to the eyes. This is not surprising with the tasteful interiors and furniture excellently done by the famous and global Filipino artists.  After all, this is what has been envisioned by the Worldwide Central Properties, that is, to provide the Cebuanos with beautiful, quality homes from the group’s quality and reliable materials as well. This has been their vision from the beginning with SUNDANCE RESIDENCES being their flagship project. As they fulfill this, the group is looking to expand and diversify to offer horizontal residential options to cater to changing markets’ taste and demands.

With Sundance Residences as their flagship project, Worldwide Central Properties aims to deliver their promise of quality, safe and cost – efficient homes for families and individuals. The company will soon offer horizontal residential options to further accommodate the diverse market.

So, are you still longing for the top of the world, literally and figuratively? The top of the hills truly makes for a breathtaking, lovely setting for a perfect home nurtured with a lot of love and dreams. An environment that is safe, secure and bounded by modern conveniences. Take it all in – bask in the goodness of life starting from the people you care and love to the place where everything starts and ends – your own home. Make it to the top at SUNDANCE RESIDENCES and live the life of your dreams now.

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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 3,150,000 29.04 sqm
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